Exhibit is a fully curated apartment-style space offering furnishings, clothing, jewelry and accessories that opened November 6th, 2014. Two local women, Mari-Rose McManus and Anne Kelly, decided to turn their mutual obsession with mid-century modern furniture and fashion into a local business. 

"I like my things to either have a story or tell a story,” says McManus. “I wanted Exhibit to be different, to have things that you usually don’t see together in a shop setting.  All these things live together in your home, so why can’t they live together in a shop.  We've chosen every item in the store very purposefully.  If we don't love it, it doesn't come in.  I think that there are a lot of people on the North Shore who shop the same way, who want an eclectic mix of new, vintage, classic and edgy. This is their store. It's Mid-Century Modern meets Industrial meets Liberace. "

Kelly adds: “Ever since we met in the South of France during college, we have always shared a passion, ok, an obsession really, for finding unique, quality items.  We are constantly searching for that thing that will pop, make a statement, rock a room, start a conversation.  I love to mix styles, materials and eras, shake it up.  Shopping for things outside of the ordinary can be nerve wracking for many: it takes time, effort, and, until now, there was a void of local options.  Shopping should not be intimidating or stressful - it should be fun. I once read a quote from a designer that said you should fill your home and wardrobe with things that make you happy and comfortable.”

Visiting Exhibit is a unique experience.  The apartment-style atmosphere makes for a comfortable and relaxed vibe where the more time you spend, the more interesting choices you find for every room of your home.  It’s like going over to your friend’s place, but everything is for sale - from the vintage pinball machine, the beautiful Knoll covered sofa, Imogene and Willie Denim to the chandelier and soaps in the bathroom. 

Exhibit is open Tuesday through Saturday 11-5.  Other hours are by appointment or by chance. there are no employees - so from time to time the shop might be closed for a few minutes while dogs are walked or kids are picked up.  First Thursdays of every month they have “Cocktail Hour” with refreshments from 5-9.  Street parking and the public lot across the street are available.  Exhibit is located at 1148 Wilmette Avenue, phone: 847-251-5840.

Email: mr@shopexhibit.com (mari-rose)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/shopexhibit  

Twitter: shopexhibit

instagram: shopexhibitwilmette